Guillaume Bouzignac: Motets
Sächsisches Vocalensemble, Matthias Jung

  • Total playing time (mmm:ss): 61:14
  • 5.1 standard channel order: front left – front right – center – subwoofer (not used) – surround left – surround right
  • 96 kHz, 24 bit. Format: Flac (lossless)
  • Download as zip file. Booklet (English, German, French) and cover images included
  • Size: 2,14 GB
  • Barcode: 4009850015628

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“… A frisson of delight and exhilaration…” Sächsische Zeitung

“(…) The music itself is, in a word, wonderful. The melodies, avoiding the normal churchly style of the time, and seemingly incorporating what sounds like a heavily-influenced folk idiom, are tuneful and highly dramatic. His use of the chorus, from large antiphonal responses to unequally balanced ensembles, to superb solo combinations, is thrilling and highly effective…” Audiophile Audition


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