Joseph Haydn: String Quartets Vol. 7 of 14 op. 50, nos. 1- 6
Auryn Quartet

  • TACET Real Surround Sound
  • Total playing time (mmm:ss): 148:00
  • 5.1 standard channel order: front left – front right – center (not used) – subwoofer (not used) – surround left – surround right
  • 96 kHz, 24 bit. Format: Flac (lossless)
  • Download as zip file. Booklet (English, German, French) and cover images included
  • Size: 5.21 GB
  • Barcode: 4009850018520


“(…) The Auryn Quartet’s Haydn recordings were commented on extensively in Pizzicato, and our statement was that these recordings continually bring happiness to the listener. Happiness mainly because no discussions are raised here. This Haydn is good and beautiful, sovereignly played, and presented in such a perfectly formed and balanced way that one can only marvel. Nothing becomes academic, loin de là: Auryn’s interpretations are highly musical, lively, fulfilled and breathe pure Haydn air. I therefore repeat it once again: I know of no other quartet that is so fair and loyal to Haydn, so devoted and yet so open, as the Auryn Quartet, and that is inspired by nothing other than his music. That Tacet Real Surround productions are now gradually coming out on Blu-ray can only increase this good fortune exponentially. This downlod featuring the six quartets from Opus 50 places the listener in the middle of the quartet, allowing them to experience music in a completely new way.”  Pizzicato

Audiosample (mp3, stereo)


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